Fall Sale

Monday, October 11, 2021 • 1 pm
at the Evans Farms sale facility, Proctor, TX

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History, Creation and Maturation of Evans Farms

Left to Right: Billy Ray Evans,
Bill Evans and R. W. Evans

My family and forefathers have lived on and around this land between Procter and Gustine for generations. As with many farmers and ranchers they have had to adapt with the times and occasionally supplement their income with outside jobs. My grandfather and great-grandfather fought on the Pacific Rim in World War II and my paternal grandfather R.W. came home to hard times. He raised cattle and pigs and had large chicken houses with eggs often purchased by my maternal grandfather D. Rockwell from Weatherford, Texas. The family even moved west to Odessa to roughneck for oil a few years to make enough to keep the farm going. Upon returning my grandmother started at a sewing factory and my grandfather R.W., later my father Billy Ray and mother Doylene raised peanuts and operated a peanut drying and buying station. With the passage of NAFTA, peanuts moved to West Texas and my father concentrated on his Holstein Dairy and hay production operation and my grandfather with commercial cattle.

After training in Dallas and Atlanta, Georgia for my orthopedics practice I was able to coax my wife to Stephenville. She thinks "the land was calling me home." My wife has been amazing in her tolerance of my "expensive hobby," that she soon realized was the sickness of a registered cowman. Our development of this Angus herd and creation of long term facilities (for our children William and Aliana) have come with considerable time and expense during our busy orthopedic and radiology practices.

A great herd requires similar facilities, so we started from the ground up. Our sale barn was built with heart and to last with the expert building of Harold May, Pat Bays Construction, Dan Rivers Plumbing, and Billie Finley's welding. Our herd is run by two hard-working, aggressive young men and I want to thank Jaden Roberts and Will Lansmon for their dedication and hard work. I feel you will be comfortable here and I want you to know you will be welcomed.

   Bill Evans

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